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From The Rental Wall: The CZ Tactical Sport 2

Today on From the Rental Wall, Nic Lenze takes you to The Shootist in Denver, Colorado. While there, he samples the CZ TS2, a competition-ready 9mm with a trigger from heaven. For more information: https://cz-usa.com/product/cz-ts-2/ To subscribe to FMG Publications Newsletters, visit https://gunsmagazine.com/newsletters/. To subscribe to GUNS Magazine and/or American Handgunner Magazine, visit https://fmgpubs.com/checkout/subscribe/. Gear:Continue reading “From The Rental Wall: The CZ Tactical Sport 2”

Colorado Migration Corridor Conserved By Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Colorado is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. It’s also one of the harshest, as it has so many types of weather, sometimes all within the same day. This is brutal on my car, yes, but it can also make things difficult for local wildlife. Easing the difficulties of animal migrationsContinue reading “Colorado Migration Corridor Conserved By Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation”

Credit: @iamjtphoto

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