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Freedom Munitions X-DEF Line Adds 38 Special

Despite what the keyboard warriors tell you, revolvers are not dead. Plenty of people still carry wheel guns for a variety of reasons, and for that, they need defensive ammunition. Just added to their list of options is an expansion of the Freedom Munitions X-Def line. Now available for your defensive needs, the lineup now…

Smith & Wesson Unveils Performance Center 10mm M&P 2.0

For many years, the return of 10mm has been prophesied but never really showed up. Thankfully, the last few of those years have produced several firearms chambered for the powerful “boutique” cartridge. Smith & Wesson has taken it a step further and is offering their M&P 2.0 as a Performance Center 10mm package. To read…

NEW Cable Management Mini HandStop From Strike Industries

 remember at one of my first gun shows, I was enthralled by the, by today’s standards, extremely long vertical grip with the bipod in it. I think it also had a spot to mount a light. That one piece of gear probably weighed almost a pound. Coming from a time when people put everything they…

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