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Cold Steel Announces NEW Folders in Pro Lite Series

As with all other things, a high-quality knife usually comes with a high price tag. Your sub-$30 Big 5 sale knife will still cut, but not as sharply as the corners cut when it comes to durability, steel quality, and handle materials. Cold Steel has been a big name in the knife world for a…

Nexbelt Releases New NTAC-45 1.75″ Ratcheting EDC Belt

When I teach concealed carry courses, I always stress that everyday carry is not one piece of gear. The whole thing needs to work as a system, and one of the foundational pieces is a sturdy belt. Though two-belt systems have gained popularity, many of us are more inclined to run one belt that fills…

Tasmanian Tiger Releases Three NEW Tactical Accessories

Keeping equipment in your car can be a wise decision, as long as it is secure and organized. I often stress to students that in an accident, everything that isn’t nailed down has the potential to become a projectile. One way to secure your gear is with the use of systems like the one offered…

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