Introducing the Adjustable Cheekpiece Magnus

This is an article for both of our readers who can afford the Gunwerks Magnus Rifle System. Gunwerks is known for their high-end hunting rifles and boast a wide variety of custom options from the factory.  We have some good news for users of their rifles. The custom stock options have just been expanded. Gunwerks has introduced the Adjustable Cheekpiece Magnus. For a modest $500, you can gain the option to adjust both the cheek and recoil pad, while earlier options only gave the user the ability to adjust the recoil pad. 

Gunwerks also recently introduced their Skuhl rifle in April, marking their entry into the world of dangerous game hunting.

Adjustable Cheekpiece Magnus

More Adjustment, More Options With the Adjustable Cheekpiece Magnus

The Magnus is the most versatile, yet purebred long range rifle in the Gunwerks lineup. Now, we’ve added more versatility with the adjustable cheekpiece option while maintaining our signature negative comb and all the features that make the Magnus one of the most high performance rifle systems anywhere.

The addition of the Adjustable Cheekpiece Magnus to what Gunwerks calls “part showhorse, all workhorse” is a welcome addition. This should appeal to those who like a little more personalization on their workhorse rifles. A proper cheek weld can mean the difference between bringing home a slab of meat or a goose egg, and comb height can be a large part of that. The new adjustable option gives the user the ability to adjust for both length of pull and comb height.

While an adjustable stock isn’t necessarily new to the Gunwerks catalog, it was previously only available on their more expensive Verdict Rifle System. It is not available on the Clymr Rifle System at this time. So, if you prefer the feel of the Magnus, but want the ability to fit your stock to your face, the Adjustable Cheekpiece Magnus is something to take a look at. 

Build your own Magnus rifle here:

Check out their other offerings:


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