Killer Innovations’ Killer New P320C Slide

With the release of the SIG Sauer FCU on the horizon, every aftermarket company imaginable is jumping to fill the needs of P320 shooters across the country. Killer Innovations, a company known for their Glock slides (you can see what Adam had to say about them at TriggrCon 2019 here), is soon to release their new P320C slide. So, what does the Killer Innovations P320C slide have to offer?

Killer Innovations P320C Slide

The E.G.F. cuts feel great. We’ve been testing it; lots of people running it. Everybody loves the way this thing feels, and because of the accuracy of Killer Innovation products, it’s going to give you accuracy benefits, as well.

Killer Innovations P320C Slide: The Deets

If you’re familiar with the Glock slides from Killer Innovations, then you’re familiar with their Enhanced Grip Feature (or E.G.F.) cuts. While the cuts are the most visual feature, perhaps the most practical feature is the optics cut. The Killer Innovations P320C slide is cut not just for the Trijicon RMR, but also for the Leupold Delta Point Pro. This opens the possibility to use not only the RMR or DPP, but also any optics that share their footprints. This includes the new Bushnell RXS-100 and RXS-250 budget optics, in case the price of the slide hurts too much. While there is no MSRP currently, the Glock slides run just south of $500, so I’d expect these to land somewhere in that vicinity.

Killer Innovations P320C Slide

We don’t have an exact release date, but we’ve been assured that the new Killer Innovations P320C slide is currently in production. If you already own a P320C, or you’re planning on picking up a SIG Fire Control Unit, you might want to keep your eye out for a release date.

Killer Innovations already offers barrels, magazine extensions, and other aftermarket parts for the P320. See what they’ve been cooking up here:


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