Latest Addition to the Boyds Lineup – Sauer 100

The Sauer 100 was introduced by Sauer & Sohn back in 2016. Sauer & Sohn is the oldest firearms manufacturer that’s still active in Germany, which is why it’s so cool to see support for their weapons still on the market. The Sauer 100 has just been added to the long list of rifles with Boyds aftermarket stock options.

Sauer 100

Sauer 100 launched in 2016 is a reliable and affordable bolt action rifle that is now available for upgrades in Boyds 15 stock options and 18 hardwood and laminate options.

Sweet & Sauer – Boyds Meets the Sauer 100

So, what are your options? Well, you have quite a few. If you like more traditional, no thrills stocks, there is a Classic option. There are options with adjustable cheekpieces, adjustable recoil pads, or both. If you like thumbhole stocks, you’re in luck. Wrong-handed? There are options for all you lefties, too.

Sauer 100

In a world where aftermarket bolt-action stocks can exceed the cost of the original rifle, Boyds has done a great job of keeping their prices within reach. Stock prices for the Sauer 100 run between $150 and $205 to start. Once you have your style of stock selected, the next decision to make is color. More than half of the laminate options are available for no extra cost, but there are some premium options, none of which will set you back more than $30. There are also different finishes you can add to your stock, including a high gloss finish.

Sauer 100

The length of pull is customizable, as well. In fact, almost every aspect of the stock is customizable. There are a few recoil pad options, and the tip of the stock can be customized, too. You can even choose your grip cap. Did I mention you can have your stock laser engraved? The number of options available is dizzying, so I recommend you grab a snack and give it a go. Boyds has a handy stock-building tool on their website. While you’re there, you can also see the vast array of stocks available for all of your favorite rifles. Check them out on Instagram.

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