MasterPiece Arms Unveils the New MPA AR9 PCC

The popularity of pistol caliber carbines hasn’t slowed down at all. More and more manufacturers have been adding ready-to-go competition PCC’s to their lineups. MasterPiece Arms (MPA) is the latest. While they are best known to me for their bolt guns, many users of their firearms know them for their breadth of options. The newest of those options is the MPA AR9 PCC.


MasterPiece Arms (MPA), manufacturers of the MPA BA Rifles and Chassis Systems, is pleased to introduce the MasterPiece Arms AR9 PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine). Specifically designed for superior reliability and maximum accuracy, the AR9 PCC still retains the familiar handling and controls of the AR platform. This outstanding carbine was designed by competition shooters for maximum performance but is still capable of in-home personal defense and other tactical situations. The AR9 PCC is the first release from MPA’s recent product line acquisition from CK Arms.


Where the MPA AR9 PCC Fits In

PCC’s can fit a variety of roles, but MPA’s latest offering is clearly geared toward competition. Glock 9mm magazine compatibility makes mags readily available, and in various capacities. In addition, the magazine well is flared, allowing you to jam that ‘stendo in there even quicker. The receivers are 7075 billet-machined aluminum, and accept standard AR accessories (stocks, buffer tubes, PEN-15 grips). MPA uses a proprietary bolt carrier group, which comes equipped with a heavy-duty claw extractor. The barrel is of the 16 inch, 1:10 twist, button-rifled, 416R stainless steel variety. To round out the competition-inspired features, the gun also includes a multi-port steel compensator, a machined aluminum grip, 1/2-36 TPI threads at the muzzle, and is available in four different finishes.

With a weight of 6.25 pounds and a $1499.00 MSRP, this blaster should be ready to compete out of the box.

MPA AR9 PCC in Red
MPA AR9 PCC in Blue
MPA AR9 PCC in MPA Green
MPA AR9 PCC in Black

So, if you’re looking for a PCC designed for competition, give this one a looksy. The MPA website also features the many different firearms offered by the company. If social media is more your speed, take a look at their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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