Strike Industries AR Modular Bolt Catch (MBC)

Bolt catch, shmolt catch. That’s what I thought before I knew anything about customizing AR-15’s (not that my knowledge is currently vast). However, as my shooting progressed, I began to understand the advantage that small alterations can give a shooter. Parts as small as a bolt catch can make a huge difference when it’s time to go to work on some cardboard attackers. So, what if you want to try different options, but don’t want to dip into your savings account? Once again, Strike Industries comes to the rescue of us poors, with the AR Modular Bolt Catch (MBC).

The Strike Industries AR Modular Bolt Catch (MBC) offers a quick and simple way to configure your button preference to one of four (4) included options. No need to remove the bolt catch base, as we know the roll pins are always a fun time, if you want to change the button.

What’s in the Box?!

Modular Bolt Catch

The Modular bolt catch gives you four button options for your $34.95, along with all the hardware and tools you need for your install. The package contents are as follows:

Modular Bolt Catch

-x1 Bolt catch base
-x1 Bolt catch spring
-x1 Bolt catch roll pin
-x1 Standard button
-x1 Oversized button
-x1 Left extended button
-x1 Right extended button
-x1 M2x8 set screw
-x1 M2x12 set screw
-x1 Hex key

A Striking Modular Bolt Catch

The benefit to a system like this really comes down to ease of installation. The buttons are installed while the bolt catch base is still installed. While this is good for you, it diminishes the chances that your kids will have fun getting to hear all the curse words that you’ve acquired throughout your life. The buttons are made of polymer and have been textured for ease of use. Unfortunately, Strike Industries warns that these are NOT compatible with AR-10 lower receivers, and can be incompatible with some billet uppers.

If you dismiss small upgrades like I once did, give something new a try. For less than $40, the Strike Industries MBC isn’t a bad place to start. Look at their other offerings on their website, and see what they’ve been posting on Instagram for more announcements.

Modular Bolt Catch
Modular Bolt Catch
Modular Bolt Catch
Modular Bolt Catch
Modular Bolt Catch
Modular Bolt Catch
Modular Bolt Catch
Modular Bolt Catch

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