New AR PDW 9mm Buffer Released by Strike Industries

If you can appreciate specific products built to fit specific needs, Strike Industries has something for you. There are plenty of one size fits most parts out there, but parts made specifically for your weapon system and/or caliber can make a world of difference. SI just released their AR PDW 9mm buffer, which, as you can imagine, is made specifically for use with their PDW Stock/Stabilizer or pistol length receiver extensions on 9mm direct blowback AR’s.

9mm Buffer

The Strike Industries AR PDW 9mm Buffer enables proper configuration of the SI PDW Stock, SI PDW Stabilizer or pistol length receiver extension to work on most AR-15 9mm direct blowback systems on the market.

9mm Buffer? I Hardly Knew Her!

9mm Buffer

One of the most controversial issues surrounding 9mm direct blowback AR’s is the recoil. Strike has taken several steps to help tame the punch of the direct blowback system. The buffer housing is constructed from steel and is equipped with two tungsten weights. The total weight comes in at 4.6 ounces (buffer only). Also included is a flat wire spring.

Flat wire spring design packs more energy than traditional round wire springs, giving it increased bolt power. Known for efficiency since the flat wire spring is able to store a larger amount of energy in a smaller space.

9mm Buffer

Science. The buffer pad is built to absorb impact. It is made of an NBR rubber material. The Strike Industries AR PDW 9mm Buffer will run you $64.99 and is available directly from Strike’s website right here. If you’re considering other Strike parts for your build, there is plenty to choose from. SI announces most of their products on Instagram. They also have a Facebook and YouTube channel. If you’d like to see a hawt pic of some Strike parts on a cool build, check out this POTD from March of this year.

9mm Buffer
9mm Buffer
9mm Buffer

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