Primary Arms GLx Microdot Riser Mounts Now Available

Red dot shooters use risers for a multitude of reasons. One of those reasons is shooting under night vision. NODs are expensive, so who wants to drop two bills on an optics mount? Not the people at Primary Arms. They just introduced the new GLx Microdot Riser Mounts.

Primary Arms Optics is proud to introduce the new GLx® Microdot Risers. GLx products bring premium technology and materials into an approachable price point, and these mounts stand out with exceptional material quality and engineering at an affordable value.

GLx Microdot Riser

Two Distinct GLx Microdot Riser Mounts

Variety is the spice of life. Well, and garlic. Primary Arms sees that people want options, so they’ve released two mounts. One version uses a lower 1/3 cowitness, while the other is, you guessed it, an absolute cowitness. Both are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, and are designed to not only accept Primary Arms optics, but the Aimpoint T-2, as well. With the cantilever design, there should be plenty of room to run a magnifier behind your optic. Both also come with a .125″ spacer, giving you more options when it comes to your mount height. While they retail for a mere $49.99, weight is the price we pay in the long term. Each mount weighs only two ounces. They have been MIL-SPEC hard coat anodized, and the hardware is coated in zinc phosphate to aid in corrosion resistance.

Primary Arms GLx Lower 1/3 Cowitness Micro Dot Riser Mount w/ .125″ Spacer (1.64″ or 1.765″ Height)

GLx Microdot Riser
GLx Microdot Riser
GLx Microdot Riser

Primary Arms GLx Absolute Cowitness Micro Dot Riser Mount w/ .125″ Spacer (1.41″ or 1.535″ Height)

GLx Microdot Riser
GLx Microdot Riser
GLx Microdot Riser

If you have a micro red dot, and a wallet that would appreciate a micro-purchase, give these mounts a look. Feel free to peruse while you’re there, and take a look at the optics available for your new mount. Nicholas C. did a review on their SLx MD-25 that you might find…illuminating! Take a look at their Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube channel for more info, and to score some discounts.

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