Hawke Optics Adds Three New Rimfire Scopes to Vantage 30 WA Line

Ammo prices. Am I right? So, what to do? Many shooters have turned to the old, trusty cost-saver, .22 Long Rifle. This, mixed with the increasing popularity of precision rifle competition, means we need optics. Hawke Optics is happy to oblige, and have added three new rimfire scopes to the Vantage 30 WA line.

Hawke® Optics, a world leader in high quality sporting optics with outstanding performance in the field at amazing value to consumers, happily announces three new rimfire-specific models in the Vantage 30 WA line. Hawke matched the value-packed features of the Vantage scope line with the all-new rimfire caliber-specific reticles.

New Additions to the Vantage 30 WA Line

Hawke’s exclusive rimfire reticles are available for .17HMR, .22LR HV, and .22LR Subsonic. All three are built on 30mm tubes. They come equipped with 1/4 MOA exposed and locking turrets. The reticles are etched, and offer five levels of brightness, in either red or green illumination. The glass itself is 11-layer multi-coated to ensure a clear image. Adding to the durability, they are nitrogen purged, making them not only waterproof, but shock and fog proof, as well. If you pick one up, and you find yourself having problems with the scope, they are backed by the Hawke No-Fault Lifetime Warranty.

MSRP on these is $399. That sticker price is more along the lines of what fresh rimfire competitors are looking to spend to get themselves into the sport. Below are links to each individual scope by caliber.


Vantage 30 WA Line


Vantage 30 WA Line


Vantage 30 WA Line

If you’d like to see other budget-friendly scopes, head over to the Hawke website for some year-end shopping. If you’re looking to mount a scope, look at my article on Hawke’s newest mounts. You can also see what’s new with the company on their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as their YouTube channel.

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