More Than Just AKs – Rifle Dynamics AR15 Lowers

Picture it! SHOT Show 2019. There I was, staring at the display of AK variant rifles at the Rifle Dynamics open house, when I noticed that there wasn’t a single AR-15. RD is known to make some of the highest quality AKs on the market, but why stop there? Well, it appears they didn’t. Welcome the Rifle Dynamics AR15 lowers, stripped and ready for your next build.

Rifle Dynamics AR-15 Lowers

A decade ago we made a run of AR15 lowers.  After 10 years the wait is finally over.  Snag one of our RD AR lowers to match your RD AKs! Features our Warrior Angel logo on both sides.

Two-Trick Pony – Rifle Dynamics AR15 Lowers

While there are plenty of stripped AR lowers on the market to choose from, these deserve a longer glance. Rifle Dynamics not only makes quality parts, but they design and make them in the U.S. The Warrior Angel logo is smaller than logos from other manufacturers and is present on both sides of the lower. These retail for $120, and can be ordered to your local FFL from the Rifle Dynamics website. That is if they weren’t already sold out. I’d keep my eye on them, though, as there may be more coming. No promises.

The specs for the RD Stripped AR Lower are:

  • Material: Forged Lower Receiver milled from 7075 t6 aluminum forgings
  • Caliber: Multi/Accepts any caliber designed for the AR-15 platform
  • Weight: 7.6oz
  • Accepts any standard mil-spec AR15 Magazines
  • Designed and made in the USA
Rifle Dynamics AR-15 Lowers
Rifle Dynamics AR-15 Lowers

If you are unfamiliar with the company’s offerings, head over to their main page, and bask in the AK options before you. If you’re a fan of all things Thunder Ranch, they even have an AK built to Clint Smith’s specifications. Their Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages are a great way to keep up with the company, but I’d much rather you hang out with us here at TFB.

Rifle Dynamics AR-15 Lowers
Rifle Dynamics AR-15 Lowers

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