Primary Arms GLx 2.5-10×44 with ACSS Griffin MIL Reticle

Primary Arms shows no sign of slowing down. They have introduced several new optics this year, including the new budget-friendly SLx MD-20. Well, you can add another one to the list. Introducing the Primary Arms GLx 2.5-10×44 FFP Rifle Scope with an illuminated ACSS Griffin MIL reticle.

GLx 2.5-10x44

The GLx 2.5-10×44 is built to enhance both agility and accuracy of mid-range precision rifles. GLx scopes bring premium technology and materials to an approachable price range, and this scope is no exception.

The Primary Arms GLx 2.5-10×44 FFP

GLx 2.5-10x44

The Primary Arms GLx 2.5-10×44 is a first focal plane riflescope with an illuminated ACSS Griffin MIL reticle (shown above). It utilizes a 30mm main tube and the body is constructed from one piece of 6061-T6 aluminum. The scope is 12.5″ long and weighs 22.2 oz. One of the things that can instantly make a solid optic undesirable is mushy turrets. The GLx 2.5-10×44 uses steel on steel turret construction to prevent wear, and keep your 1/10 MIL clicks tactile and audible. The return-to-zero feature allows quick…well, returns to zero, after ranging out for longer engagements. This can be handy if you find yourself forgetting your adjustments in the field.

GLx 2.5-10x44
GLx 2.5-10x44

The magnification ring fin is not only removable but can be moved to almost any position to better serve the individual shooter. The people at Primary Arms say that optional upgrades and alternatives are on the way, as well, and with the rate that they’re releasing new products, I believe them.

GLx 2.5-10x44

MSRP on the GLx 2.5-10×44 is $649.99. If this scope offers what you’re looking for and fits within your budget, snag one from the Primary Arms website. See what else they’re offering for your shooty needs on their main page. Of course, in our age of internet marketing, make sure you follow along to see what else they’re cooking up on their Facebook, Instagram, YouTube channel, and Twitter pages.

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