.327 Federal and 10mm Auto Added to Federal Swift A-Frame Handgun Line

Federal Premium is no stranger to hunting ammunition. Countless four-legged creatures have become meals thanks to ever-improving ammunition technology. The Federal Swift A-Frame line is one of those improvements. Now, both .327 Federal and 10mm Auto have been added to the expanding list of cartridge options for handgun hunters.

With a bonded front half and a solid back half, the projectile is designed to give you the best of both worlds. Like the mullet of the bullet world, it’s expansion up front, penetration in the back. The cases are nickel-plated to help prevent corrosion and aid in extraction. Combined with high-performance primers and specially formulated propellant, the Federal Swift A-Frame handgun line is definitely a contender in the vast hunting ammo market.

Federal Swift A-Frame

Swift A-Frame 327 Federal & 10mm Auto Expand the possibilities to fill your tag with an even wider selection of Swift® A-Frame® loads. New offerings in 327 Federal and 10mm Auto leverage the A-Frame’s unique makeup for lethal performance on medium and big game.

Federal Swift A-Frame .327 Federal and 10mm Auto


Federal Swift A-Frame

The .327 Federal cartridge has a pretty cool history and is even the chambering of our very own James Reeves’s favorite carry revolver. Now it’s available to any handgun hunters who want to use it to fill their freezer. A box of 20 100-grain JHP cartridges will run you $48.99.

10MM auto

Federal Swift A-Frame

At double the bullet weight of the .327 Federal, the 200-grain 10mm Auto offering is a hard-hitting chunk of metal. With its increasing popularity, 10mm has seen some great new offerings recently, including several from Federal. A box of 20 JHP rounds retails for $54.99

If you’re a handgun hunter who shoots one of these calibers, and a round that gives both reliable expansion and penetration interests you, give these a hard look. Federal offers many cartridges geared towards hunters. To see them all, visit their website. Don’t forget to like and follow them on their socials for more updates. Here are links to their Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Happy hunting!

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