Federal Premium Introduces Three Calibers to Syntech Range Line

Expanding upon their popular Syntech Range line of ammunition, Federal Premium has added three calibers for your shooting pleasure. The Syntech Range line now includes .38 SPL, 10mm Auto, and .380 ACP. If you’ve been hiding in the woods and are unfamiliar with Syntech, TFB has written numerous articles to bring you up to speed. In short, Federal Syntech is designed (with the use of their Catalyst primers) to lessen lead exposure, which is one of the biggest health risks involved with shooting. All three calibers use the TSJ polymer jacket to keep metal fouling to a minimum. To further the cause of safe range ammo, the bullets themselves are designed to minimize splashback from steel targets.

There have never been so many ways for shooters to experience cleaner, cooler, safer practice sessions, thanks to new 380 Auto, 38 Special and 10mm Auto offerings of Syntech Range™

The Syntech Range Line – An Expanding Range of Options

.38 SPL

Syntech Range Line

Contrary to internet keyboard vomit, revolvers and revolver calibers are not dead. Understanding that revolvers still play a role in defensive, competitive, and all-around fun shooting, Federal has introduced .38 special to the Syntech Range line. Delivering a 148-grain projectile, the .38 SPL offering comes in at $30.99 for a box of 50 cartridges.

10MM Auto

Syntech Range Line

The 10mm Auto cartridge has seen a resurgence over the past few years. I’m still kicking myself for selling my G20. This flavor of 10mm Auto sends a 205-grain projectile downrange. A box of 50 retails for $36.99.

.380 ACP

Syntech Range Line

With concealed carry on the rise, a lot of people are carrying small .380’s. These small guns aren’t always easy to shoot, so practice is paramount. The Syntech Range .380 ACP is loaded with a 95-grain bullet, and will cost you $30.99 for 50 rounds.

Less lead exposure, less fouling, and less “Ouch! I just got some frag in the face,” sounds like something worth looking at. Make sure you look at all of Federal’s offerings on their website. While you’re there, hop over to their Facebook, YouTube channel, Twitter, and Instagram. Remember to take care of yourselves!

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