Federal Punch Line Adds .22LR and 10mm Personal Defense Ammunition

Federal Premium has been introducing plenty of hunting ammunition, but what about defensive loads? Coming from opposite ends of the power spectrum, the Federal Punch line adds two calibers to its catalog of personal defense ammunition. Introducing Federal Punch .22LR and 10mm Auto.

Federal Punch Line

Personal Defense – Federal Punch Line Adds .22LR and 10mm


Punch 22 LR Self-defense isn’t one size fits all. Different shooters have different needs, different limitations and different firearms. Yet for all of those variables, 22 Long Rifle has never been an option— until now. Introducing Punch™ 22 LR from Federal Premium.

Federal Punch Line

Coming in lighter than your average bulk .22LR, the 29-grain nickel-plated lead-core bullet screams downrange. From a 2″ handgun barrel, this small round can reach velocities of 1,070 fps. With the added velocity from a 24″ rifle barrel, Federal reports a velocity of 1,650 fps. The flat nose profile of the bullet itself is intended to increase penetration, and the nickel-plated cases aid in extraction and corrosion resistance. A box of 50 rounds will run you $9.99.


Punch Deliver a knockout blow with the powerful 10mm Auto—the newest addition to the Punch™ centerfire handgun line.

Federal Punch Line

The 10mm Auto cartridge has not only found a home among handgun hunters. Those with personal defense in mind have gravitated toward the round’s promising performance. Federal’s 10mm Auto JHP chucks 200 grains of lead at 1,100 fps. The combination of jacket design and a soft lead core set the round up to deliver great expansion and penetration. Like the .22LR above, the cases are nickel-plated for ease of extraction, and the sealed primers are meant to foster reliable ignition. A box of 20 rounds retails for $30.99.

Federal Punch Line

Whether you prefer small or large calibers for your personal defense, the Federal Punch line covers just about all of them. Federal also offers plenty of variety for defensive, hunting, or training applications. See if they fit your purpose by looking at their website. For more updates, take a look at their Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Stay safe!

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