Rifle Dynamics Builder AKM Receivers Now Available

With the modularity of the AR-15, home builds are everywhere. Regardless of your skill level, with enough help from online resources (a blog about firearms, mayhaps?), almost anyone can build an AR-patterned rifle or pistol. But what happens if you want to build an AK? Well, thanks to the Rifle Dynamics Builder AKM receivers, you now have that option.

Builder AKM Receivers

Our new AKM (7.62×39) patterned stamped receivers are the same receivers we use for our Production Builds. These are ideal for any AK builder or hobbyist looking to build their own AK! It is properly heat treated & machined for the trigger guard rivets and fire control group.

In Basement, AKM Build You – Rifle Dynamics Builder AKM Receivers

Builder AKM Receivers

Now, if you’re an AR guy and just came here to bash AKs, Rifle Dynamics has something for you, too, if you can find one. If you’re here for some AK lovin’, let’s continue. These U.S.-made, stamped 1.0mm receivers are meant for fixed stock 7.62×39 AKs. Triangular side-folding and under-folding rear trunnions will not work. If you’re familiar with the quality that comes from Rifle Dynamics, you can be confident that these have been properly made. The front and rear trunnion holes have not been pre-drilled. They can’t do it all for you! The receiver rails have been welded in place. The center support stud comes installed in the receiver. Each one weighs 8.9 ounces and should be compatible with most stamped 7.62×39 AK parts kits you may come across. Now, you just need to pick a finish, slap it on, and finish your build!

Building an AK is NOT the same as building an AR, so I highly recommend you do your research before embarking on this journey. However, If you do end up building one, let us see some spicy photos. If you’d like to learn more from Jim Fuller himself, check out these Q&A videos. If you want to browse the other stamped goodies Rifle Dynamics offers, hop over to their website.

Don’t forget to follow their activity on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Happy building!

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