FBI Selects the Armament Systems and Procedures Agent Baton

With a sharper focus on the use of force by law enforcement recently, less lethal options are more important than ever. This includes one of the oldest weapons used by man, the stick. At this end of its lengthy evolution, the stick has become the Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP) Agent Baton, and was just adopted by the FBI.

FBI Selects the Armament Systems and Procedures Agent Baton (1)

FBI selects the ASP A40 Agent Baton

Appleton, WI — The Federal Bureau of Investigation has selected the Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP) Agent Baton as the issued less-lethal impact weapon for its Special Agents. The Bureau had previously issued ASP’s Friction Loc Baton—the most-deployed law enforcement duty baton for many years—but wanted to transition to a unit that was more suitable for concealed/plain clothes carry. The Agent model was selected after extensive testing and evaluation, as well as an ASP Instructor Course (AIC) held at the FBI Academy. ASP will be supplying the FBI with several thousand Agent Batons over multiple years.

The FBI chose the A40 baton model, which extends to about 16” in length, and collapses—via a pushbutton release mechanism—to under 8”, for easy, discreet carry. The standard version of the A40 features two aluminum shafts and a steel striking surface, but the special variant being fielded by the agency is constructed entirely of 4140 steel, for increased striking potential. The baton also features a spring-loaded clip that facilitates carrying in a pocket or waistband, making it ideal for plain clothes use.

In a statement, ASP said “It is a distinct honor to continue to be trusted by the men and women of the Bureau for the equipment and training they need to perform their duties and keep themselves safe.” According to the company, the FBI is one of a growing number of major federal agencies that have adopted the Agent Baton. For more information, visit www.asp-usa.com

the asp a40 agent baton

Agent Baton

The Agent Baton that was selected is the A40 model. The striking surface is made of 4140 steel, while the middle shaft and handle are 7075 T6 aluminum. It can be worn inside or outside-the-waistband using the Nexus clip. The clip is adjustable and can be moved to various locations on the handle to help conceal the baton. When retracted, the A40 is 7.75″ in length and expands to 40cm. It weighs 7.3 ounces. There are also a variety of accessories, such as scabbards and a Tactical Mirror, which attaches to the end of the baton.

FBI Selects the Armament Systems and Procedures Agent Baton (2)

ASP has been providing batons and plenty of other equipment to military and law enforcement personnel for years, and have garnished a positive reputation among users. If you want to see more from them, take a look at their website. They also maintain a presence on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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