Solid to the Core – Horizon Arms Research’s Core Tactical Collection

A lot of us are thrilled by the myriad of options available when buying or building a gun. This isn’t the case for every gun owner out there. What we all have in common, however, is that we seek the wisdom of experts to fill gaps in our knowledge and experience. This is the core idea behind Horizon Arms Research’s newly introduced Core Tactical Collection.

Core Tactical Collection

Colorado-based Horizon Arms Research introduces its exclusive Core Tactical Collection now available for purchase online or via special order. Horizon Arms Research offers a small, carefully-curated catalog of tactical top-of-the-line firearms ready to run and 100% reliable no matter the situation that life puts you in. Every weapon in the Core Tactical Collection is uniquely upgraded and tested to provide the ultimate custom weapon specifically designed with your personal protection needs in mind.

The Core Tactical Collection from Horizon Arms Research

Core Tactical Collection

Horizon Arms Research was founded in 2019 and is based in Superior, Colorado; twenty miles northwest of Denver. The company is actually a branch of Horizon Experience Project, which offers courses in everything from medical to vehicle repair, as well as farming, combat, and tactical skills. HAR’s new Core Tactical Collection is intended to take the guesswork out of putting together a durable and reliable firearm.

Core Tactical Collection

Whether you’re looking for a handgun, shotgun, carbine, or precision rifle, HAR has options for you. The upgrades made to these guns are more for function than aesthetics, which speaks to the goal of the company. You’re more likely to find internal upgrades than a Swiss cheese Glock slide. If you’re looking for a reliable shooter right out of the box, cruise on over to the Horizon Arms Research website and take a look at what they offer. Remember to look at their Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter for more updates. Stay safe out there!

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