Not Your Average Rubber Band: The New Strike Bang Band

Rubber bands serve many purposes, including powering some very cool “firearms”. Some jobs are even exclusively for rubber bands, like on a tattooing machine or launching small pieces of paper at your math teacher. Our elastic companions have also been used for several purposes in the gun world. Shooters use them to retain slings, keep thigh straps in place, and for cable management. To fill the same roles, while doing a better job, Strike Industries has just released the Strike Bang Band.

Bang Band

The Strike Bang Band secures weapon light/laser cables to help organize your gear while adding an anti-slip surface on your handguard. You can flip the Strike Bang Band so the cable channel guide can be used on the outside or the inside making it reversible and adaptable for your specific setup and needs.

A Rubber Band with Benefits – The Strike Bang Band

Bang Band
Bang Band

Strike Industries has been expanding its line of Cable Management System products, and this is the latest edition. The Strike Bang Band is basically a heavy duty rubber band with features. The main feature is the cable channel. It’s designed to fit into M-LOK slots, so you can reverse the band, keeping your handguard sleek. They’re made of Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) and can withstand temperatures up to 226 degrees Fahrenheit. The anti-slip texture also adds purchase to your handguard. That texture is present on both sides of the bands, so you get the same benefits regardless of how you run them. This can also be a benefit when used on a magazine to keep it from dropping in the dust. For those who use rubber bands to keep their sling, the Bang Band can be used for added tension on your buttstock latch, or when s-rolling your sling.

Bang Band
  • LENGTH: 53.00mm (2.09″)
  • WIDTH: 53.00mm (2.09″)
  • HEIGHT: 14.90mm (0.59″)
  • WEIGHT: 0.3oz (each Bang Band)
Bang Band

A pack of five Bang Bands will cost you $9.95. You can order yours on Strike’s website. To see what else they offer, start on their home page and go down the rabbit hole. For more updates and previews of what’s to come, follow Strike Industries on their Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Now leave your math teachers alone.

Bang Band
Bang Band
Bang Band

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