The 16 Gauge Browning A5 Lightning Sweet Sixteen

The Browning A5, famous for its humpback, has been a favorite among shotgun enthusiasts since the release of its original form in 1902. While its most popular gauges are 12 and 20 Gauge, Browning has now released the A5 Lightning Sweet Sixteen in 16 Gauge as well. For nostalgic enthusiasts of the 16 Gauge shell, this should come as great news because the Sweet Sixteen is one of the most famous 16 Gauge shotguns ever made.

Lightning Sweet Sixteen

The perfect upland autoloader has arrived. The new Browning A5 Lightning Sweet Sixteen is built for long days in the field hot on the trail of fast flushing upland birds. The most notable feature is the “Lightning-style” buttstock with a relaxed grip angle that offers a quick, instinctive grasp and easy reach to the trigger.

The Browning A5 Lightning Sweet Sixteen 16 Gauge Shotgun

Lightning Sweet Sixteen

This 16 gauge variant of the popular A5 is made even more desirable to upland bird hunters by its lightning-style grip. The gloss-finished stock is cut from Turkish walnut and features 18 lines-per-inch point pattern checkering. The Inflex recoil pad uses a shim system, making the stock adjustable for length of pull, cast, and drop. The receiver wears a gloss black anodized finish. The short recoil-operated Kinematic Drive System is contained within the smaller, lighter receiver. This intentional feature reduces the overall weight of the gun.

Lightning Sweet Sixteen

The A5 Lightning Sweet Sixteen is available with a 2 3/4″ chamber and either a 26″ or 28″ barrel. The lengthened forcing cone, back-boring, and Invector-DS choke tube system (F, M, IC included) are the three parts of what Browning calls Total Barrel Dynamics. The barrel is fitted with a fiber-optic front sight and ivory mid-bead.

Lightning Sweet Sixteen

Whether you plan to use this gun for hunting, or just like firearms with unique aesthetics, this shotgun fits the bill. The A5 Lightning Sweet Sixteen shotgun’s MSRP is $1,739.99. For more offerings from Browning, take a look at their website. They’re also all over social media and have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram pages. I bet that pheasant is going to be delicious!

Lightning Sweet Sixteen

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