Strike Industries Multi-Function End Plate and Anti-Rotation Castle Nut

With the modularity of the AR-15 and AR-10 systems, there is an endless number of potential sling attachment points. One of the more popular ways to attach a sling to the rear of the rifle is to run it to the endplate. Strike Industries has now released their Multi-Function End Plate and Anti-Rotation Castle Nut.

Multi-Function End Plate

The Strike Industries Ultralight Multi-Function End Plate and Anti-Rotation Castle Nut are designed to update and upgrade the often neglected castle nut and endplate system. Now available in an ultralight 7075-T6 aluminum version that is anodized in color options to customize the look of your AR. While the traditional endplate and castle nut works extremely well in retaining your receiver extension, the peening of the castle nut is not conducive to rebuilding or upgrading. With the vast amount of aftermarket support for the AR system today, SI feels that there’s a need for a secure system as adaptive as you are. Enter the MFEP and ACN.

Strike Industries Multi-Function End Plate and Anti-Rotation Castle Nut

Multi-Function End Plate

This is far from the first endplate to feature sling attachment points. It isn’t even the first endplate/castle nut combination offered by Strike Industries. So, what does the Multi-Function End Plate and Anti-Rotation Castle Nut offer? The plate is made from anodized 7075-T6 aluminum and is available in either Flat Dark Earth (FDE) or red. There are sling loops on both sides of the plate and an anti-rotation QD (quick disconnect) socket. Depending on how you like to run your sling, the plate is reversible, allowing you to have your preferred loop on either side. Strike Industries includes a set screw to help with installation. This set screw is meant to keep your takedown pin detent and spring in place. The Anti-Rotation Castle Nut is made to work specifically with the Multi-Function End Plate. These are compatible with Mil-Spec AR-15 and AR-10 ArmaLite/DPMS pattern upper receivers.

Multi-Function End Plate
  • Length: 46.14mm
  • Width: 10.00mm
  • Height: 52.64mm
  • Weight: 1.0 oz
Multi-Function End Plate

The MSRP is $35.95 and is available directly from Strike Industries. If you’d like to see more parts for your AR, follow them on their Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Keep building and keep fighting for freedom!

Multi-Function End Plate

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