NEW From Federal Premium – FireStick 80 Grain Equivalent

FireStick 80 Grain Equivalent

Hunters using muzzleloaders have been plagued by moisture, dirty powder, and inconsistent accuracy from imprecise powder charges. In 2020, Federal Premium introduced the FireStick. The goal of the FireStick was to give the shooter a safer and more consistent powder charge. To do this, the charge is placed inside of a polymer capsule and is then ignited using a primer. New for 2021, Federal has released the FireStick 80 Grain Equivalent.

Hunting white-tailed deer during muzzleloader-only season is typically a way to spend more time in the field for a rifle or shotgun hunter. However, antique firearms and even modern inline muzzleloaders do have their frustrations and limitations. So much so, that the hassle of operating them can be a deterrent for some hunters and can be considered a barrier to enter the sport. The expert engineers at Federal Ammunition knew there could be a better, easier and safer way.

NEW From Federal Premium – FireStick 80 Grain Equivalent

FireStick 80 Grain Equivalent

The FireStick 80 Grain Equivalent is filled with Hodgdon Triple Eight powder. They charge from the breech of the Traditions NitroFire rifle. With the FireStick ready, and the bullet loaded from the muzzle, Federal promises the same tight tolerances as loaded ammunition. All the shooter needs to do is insert a 209 shotgun primer (not included). Due to the polymer capsule design, these are immune to the elements, and are totally sealed off from moisture. The Firestick is already available in 100- and 120-grain equivalent options. MSRP for a box of 10 is $27.99.

FireStick 80 Grain Equivalent

If you’re planning your next muzzleloader hunt, and you’re looking for a consistent, moisture-free ignition, take a look at these. All available FireStick options can be found on Federal Premium’s website, as well as their vast catalog of other ammunition. Make sure to follow Federal on their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for more updates and product information.

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