Take Home A Turkey With the Swagger QD42 Bipod

Regardless of the kind of game you’re hunting, stability and a good, clean shot will make or break you. Many hunters rely on shooting sticks, while others use bipods. Finding its way somewhere in the middle is the Swagger QD42 bipod. It combines the benefits of using a bipod with the freedom and flexibility of shooting sticks. With turkey season so near you can smell its breath, it only makes sense that we take a look at the features of the QD42.

Swagger QD42

Whether hunting from a blind, spotting and stalking, or runnin’ and gunnin’, when a big tom gobbles, the Swagger QD42 is the perfect choice for the turkey hunter who needs a stable rest.

The Swagger QD42 Bipod: Gobbler Down

Swagger QD42

Hunters cannot always be certain of the position they’ll be in when it’s time to break a shot. Thankfully, the QD42 can extend from 14″ – 42″ providing support while kneeling, sitting, or even in a low standing position. The bipod uses Swagger’s patented Flex Ready Technology to give you more flexibility than with traditional bipods. Pressing the quick disconnect (QD) button at the yoke’s center releases the bipod from your firearm. It can be used on Shotguns, muzzleloaders, crossbows, or anything with a Picatinny rail.

Swagger QD42

The rubber feet give the bipod purchase on more slippery surfaces. These feet can be removed to reveal metal spikes. These are ideal for punching into the ground giving the shooter even more stability. The unit weighs 15 ounces and will run you $129.99.

Swagger offers quite a few bipod options, so if you’re in the market for one, check out their website here. They also maintain a Facebook, Instagram, and their own video page called Shoot With Confidence TV, so go ahead and give them a follow. Happy hunting, everyone, and thank you for reading.

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