StickyBolt Releases Their Newest Stickers With Drop 5

As far as I’m concerned, you can never have too many stickers. This is especially true if they are high-quality, gun-related stickers. StickyBolt is a UK-based sticker company that has produced some cool stickers for people like us. Luke C. wrote up their last drop here on TFB. This is Drop 5, which is made up of three distinct packs: Modern Arsenal 2.0, Ammo, and Reloading Rations.

Drop 5

Last month StickyBolt celebrated its first birthday with Drop 5
following soon after which was, once again, created with shooting,
airsoft, gaming enthusiasts in mind.

First of all, thank you to all who have supported StickyBolt this past year! Here we are back with more stickers to personalise your gun safes, gun cases and whatever else you may want to slap them on!

NEW From Sticky Bolt – Drop 5

Drop 5

Modern Arsenal 2.0 Sticker Pack


Drop 5

Our customers loved the original modern pack so we’re back with more icons. Let the smooth matte SCAR and MP5SD grace your safe alongside the matte brushed aluminium Skorpion which is seriously cool with it’s metallic sheen.

Ammo Pack


Drop 5

The .50 BMG cutaway is a favourite in this new drop with glittery powder, it’s got a heart of a .50 but with a soul the size more like a 20mm. The holographic SEND IT bullet is a beauty and the metallic shotgun shells are for all the follow rackers out there. And finally, the most popular .303 stripper clip is now restocked and life-size.

These new slaps have joined forces with the previous to create an Ammo Pack.

Reloading Rations Sticker Pack


Drop 5

We wanted to get a pack out for all the homeloaders out there. These designs are filled with pure wit within the details.

They’re a mix of matte metallic which gives off a subtle sheen either all over (powder) or in just the right places (primers). They look incredible!

You’ll find the lead pills and the gun oil as semi-transparent stickers…. Of course! Head over to our to see videos of these.

All of the new stickers from Drop 5 can also be purchased together as the Drop 5 Sticker Pack (£24.00). StickyBolt has a lot of stickers to offer, so make sure you check out their website. They are also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so go give them a follow. It’s time to decorate that safe!

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