Galco’s NEW Holster Options for the Ruger MAX-9 Pistol

With the introduction of any new pistol meant for concealment, the availability of holsters is a top concern. A very recent example of this is the Ruger MAX-9 Pistol. Well, fortunately for those looking to purchase one as their everyday carry many of Galco’s legacy holsters now fit the MAX-9.

Ruger MAX-9 Pistol

With holsters in every price range and multiple carry methods, Galco can help outfit owners of the Ruger MAX-9 with the highest-quality American-made holsters and accessories.

Belt Holsters for the Ruger MAX-9 Pistol


Its unique two-piece construction is contoured on the body side to the natural curve of the hip, keeping all the molding on the front of the holster, allowing for significantly more comfortable carry and a narrower profile than an ordinary pancake type holster*. For an expanded discussion on forward molding versus the traditional pancake design, please see our website.

Ruger MAX-9 Pistol
  • Premium steerhide
  • Retention strap with reinforced thumb break
  • Butt-forward cant
  • Forward molded design contours to the hip
  • Fits belts up to 1 3/4″


Galco’s TacSlide™ combines steerhide and Kydex® for a belt holster that is fast, concealable, and very economical! Following on the tremendous success of the hybrid KingTuk™ IWB, the TacSlide mates a Kydex holster pocket to a slotted steerhide backplate. An open top and near-neutral cant make the draw fast and simple.

Ruger MAX-9 Pistol
  • Hybrid Kydex/lined premium steerhide construction
  • Accommodates multiple barrel lengths
  • Forward-molded design contours to the hip
  • Fore-and-aft belt slots pull the handgun into the body for concealment
  • Near-neutral cant
  • Fits belts up 1 3/4″

In-The-Waistband Holsters for the Ruger MAX-9 Pistol

Scout 3.0

The Scout 3.0’s open top and full firing grip accessibility combine for a fast and easy draw – critically important in fast-moving self-defense situations. The reinforced holster mouth provides a safe and simple return to the holster after action.

  • Ruger MAX-9 PistolRough-out steerhide
  • Open top
  • Reinforced mouth for easy holstering
  • Converts for right or left hand use
  • Includes two different belt clips
  • Adjustable for cant
  • UniClip fits belt up to 1 1/2″
  • Ultimate Stealth clip fits belts of unlimited width

QuickTuk Cloud

The QuickTuk Cloud’s outstanding comfort level comes from its innovative backing plate, composed of a ballistic nylon front over a closed cell foam body. The back portion of the plate that rides against the wearer is lined with Galco’s Comfort Cloth™, an Adaptive Performance Mesh™ that provides padding and moisture wicking. A rigid Kydex® holster pocket provides fast draw and easy holstering while facilitating a full firing grip.

Ruger MAX-9 Pistol
  • Hybrid Kydex®/nylon construction
  • Ballistic nylon front over closed cell foam
  • Comfort Cloth™ lining provides padding and moisture wicking
  • Rigid Kydex holster pocket for fast draw and easy holstering
  • Full firing grip accessibility
  • Tuckable polymer UniClip™ is adjusts for ride height
  • Fits belts to 1 1/2″

Paddle Holsters for the Ruger MAX-9 Pistol

Speed Master 2.0

Featuring an open top design for speed, covered trigger for safety, and tension screw adjustment for added security, the highly versatile Speed Master™ 2.0 adds convenient on/off ability to the equation when set up as a paddle holster. As a huge bonus, the Speed Master 2.0 can also be configured as a solid and stable belt holster using the included belt slot attachment.

Ruger MAX-9 Pistol
  • Premium steerhide construction
  • Adjustable tension unit
  • Slight butt-forward cant (large autos)
  • Neutral cant (compact autos and revolvers)
  • Includes interchangeable belt slot and paddle attachments
  • Belt slot is adjustable for belt width and ride height
  • Detailed hand molding for excellent retention
  • Fits belts up to 1 3/4″

Pocket Holsters for the Ruger MAX-9 Pistol

Pocket Protector

While limiting the carrier to a relatively small handgun, pocket carry offers some unique advantages. Not only is the handgun completely covered and concealed, but the gun carrier can casually place a hand on the holstered/pocketed pistol if a nonspecific threat materializes – and the fastest draw is to have the gun already in hand.

Ruger MAX-9 Pistol
  • Premium Center Cut Steerhide
  • Metal reinforced mouth for easy release of the firearm
  • Conceals the shape of the handgun
  • Keeps firearm upright in pocket
  • Hooked shape and rough-out texture retain holster in pocket on draw

Belly Band Holsters for the Ruger MAX-9 Pistol

UnderWraps Belly Band 2.0

Galco’s update of the traditional belly band allows concealed carry of multiple weapons and accessories around the midsection, in an infinite variety of configurations. The UnderWraps™ also enables the user to make instant additions and changes to the carry rig. Two leather holster pockets facilitate stable positioning of one or two firearms simultaneously, while two accessory pockets accommodate badge, cuffs, ammo – you name it!

Ruger MAX-9 Pistol
  • Elasticized nylon
  • Two leather holster pockets fit most handguns
  • Two accessory pockets
  • Accommodates strongside, crossdraw, and appendix carry

The above holsters aren’t even all of the options from Galco Holsters. They also offer off-body options like purses and day planners. Look at all of your options on Galco’s website. You can also find product information on their Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook pages. Continue to carry and stay safe out there!

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