NEW for 2021: Introducing the all-new Grayboe TREKKER

It’s difficult to leave anything you love alone. In the gun world, this translates into a massive aftermarket for new and classic firearms. Bolt-actions rifles have been around a long time, meaning they’ve had a long time for their aftermarket to flourish. Grayboe is part of that industry, and they’ve announced their newest lightweight aftermarket stock for all of your favorite options. Interested in a stock that weighs less than two pounds? Continue reading to learn about the new Grayboe TREKKER.


The All-New Grayboe TREKKER


The TREKKER is compatible with Remington 700, Vudoo V-22, and 29 other actions. Purchasers can also choose a left- or right-handed action orientation. There are 21 finishes available, seven of which incur no additional cost. Against your shoulder, Grayboe places its memory foam recoil pad for softer shooting. The length of pull is adjustable using an adjustable spacer system. LOP can be set between 13.25″ and 14.25″. If you’re a giant and you need more, more spacers can be purchased. Total, the entire stock weighs only 23 ounces. The grip is vertical and includes a thumb shelf. A bubble level has been integrated into the stock, as well. The MSRP is $599.


  • American Rifle Company Archimedes
  • American Rifle Company Nucleus
  • American Rifle Company Mausingfield
  • BAT Ignitor
  • Bergara B14
  • Bergara Premier
  • Big Horn Origin
  • Big Horn SR3
  • Big Horn TL3
  • Christensen Arms Mesa
  • Christensen Arms Ridgeline
  • Curtis Custom Axiom
  • Curtis Custom Helix
  • Defiance Anti
  • Defiance Anti X
  • Defiance Deviant
  • Defiance Rebel
  • Defiance Ruckus
  • Defiance Tenacity
  • Gunwerks GRB
  • Kelbly Atlas
  • Lone Peak Arms Razor
  • Lone Peak Arms Fusion
  • Remington 700
  • Stiller Predator
  • Stiller Tac
  • Stiller Wraith
  • Terminus Apollo
  • Terminus Kratos
  • Terminus Zeus
  • Vudoo V-22

Anyone looking for an aftermarket stock for their bolt gun should take a look at the Grayboe TREKKER. You can find more information on their website, as well as all of their other stocks. You can also find out more about what Grayboe has to offer on their Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube pages.

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