Frenching Pheasants with Lead – Chapuis Faisan Shotguns

Function is always my foremost concern when using firearms for any purpose. That being said, if you have the opportunity to look good, too, why not? Chapuis Armes is a French company that produces premium shotguns and big game hunting rifles. Now available from Chapuis are two premium models of their Faisan over/under shotgun.


“Pheasant hunting is one of the time-honored traditions of gentleman hunting,” said Chapuis Product Manager Tom Leoni. “Faisan is French for ‘pheasant,’ and these two shotguns honor the classical beauty associated with upland shotguns from the days of yore along with providing great in-field performance with modern technology. Anyone who goes afield with a Faisan will surely be proud to show it to others.”

The Chapuis Faisan Hunting Shotguns


The Faisan Classic (seen above) uses an AAA-Grade satin walnut wood stock. The Faisan Artisan uses an AAAAA-Grade Circassian walnut wood stock. The receiver on the Classic is laser engraved, while the Artisan is fully hand engraved. Aside from the stocks and prices, the guns share many of their specifications. They are both available in either 12-, 20-, or 28-gauge. The action is built from a single block of forged steel. Barrels are a gloss blue and measure 28 inches. Both guns use a single trigger design. Both grades ship with five chokes: cylinder, improved cylinder, modified, improved modified, and full.


Faisan Classic Specs

  • 12 Gauge | 3″ Chamber | 6.2 Lbs | MSRP $4,159
  • 20 Gauge | 3″ Chamber | 5.9 Lbs | MSRP $4,459
  • 28 Gauge | 2 3/4″ Chamber | 5.5 Lbs | MSRP $5,359

Faisan Artisan Specs

  • 12 Gauge | 3″ Chamber | 6.2 Lbs | MSRP $8,759
  • 20 Gauge | 3″ Chamber | 5.9 Lbs | MSRP $8,999
  • 28 Gauge | 2 3/4″ Chamber | 5.5 Lbs | MSRP $9.959

If you’re a fan of premium hunting shotguns, and under/overs are your cup of Perrier, these might be for you. You can learn more about the Faisan shotguns on the Chapuis website. You can also take a look at their Facebook, Instagram, and (currently suspended) Twitter pages. Happy hunting, everyone!

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