GLOCK’s 35th Anniversary & April Global Broadcast

This year has been one of the major ups and downs in the firearms industry and community. However, one thing we can all celebrate is the success of one of the most prolific and dependable firearms manufacturers of all time. 2021 marks the 35th anniversary of GLOCK, Inc., and they are celebrating in a big way.

35th Anniversary
A first-generation G17 adopted by Austria in 1982 as the P80

This year (2021) marks the 35th anniversary of GLOCK, Inc. in the United States. To celebrate, GLOCK will be running a yearlong campaign consisting of monthly live videos covering various topics relating to the brand and its involvement in the industry over the past 35 years.  We look forward to spending the year engaging with our fans and educating them on ways to be more involved with the GLOCK community beyond purchasing our products.

Each month, participants will be able to register for a chance to win a giveaway along with earning entries for the grand prize announced at the end of the year during our December broadcast.

GLOCK’s 35th Anniversary & April Global Broadcast

A line up of current-generation (Gen5) .40 S&W Glock pistols. Photo by GLOCK, Inc.

Thirty-five years is a long time for anything to exist. Not even my beloved Blockbuster could go that distance. Due to Glock’s innovation, reliability, and vast aftermarket support, the company continues to produce more firearms year after year. Arming militaries, police departments, and civilians all over the world has made Glock a household name.

35th Anniversary
The G19X. Glock’s first hybrid pistol. Photo by GLOCK, Inc.

To celebrate their anniversary, Glock is releasing monthly videos, giving customers a look behind the curtain. Each video also gives fans of the brand the chance to win a giveaway, as well as a grand prize after the December video is released. The next video will launch at 2:00 PM EST on April 7, 2021. The topic is Glock’s expansion across the globe. You will see an up-close look at Glock’s US headquarters in Smyrna, GA, as well as interviews that will shed light on how the company is reaching every corner of the world.

35th Anniversary
The famous G18, a select-fire handgun first produced in 1987. Photo by GLOCK, Inc.

You can head to for information on the campaign, links to earlier videos, and to register for future events and giveaways. If you’d like to take a look at the full lineup of Glock pistols, go visit James Reeves. A less expensive way, however, would be to visit the Glock, Inc. website. Don’t forget to like, follow, and all of that jazz on Glock’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube pages. Now go win yourself some cool Glock prizes!

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