NEW From Strike Industries: The Strike Magazine for GLOCK G17

Once again, Strike Industries has entered a new product into the Glock aftermarket. If you get excited about feature-packed magazines with low price tags, you’re going to love this. This is the Strike Industries Strike Magazine for Glock G17.

Strike Magazine for GLOCK G17

The Strike Magazine for GLOCK™ G17 (9mm) is a high-strength impact resistant custom blended SI Polymer Extreme double-stack pistol mag that includes a translucent body for quick visibility of ammo and a specially selected spring for added reliability. The capacity of the 17+ round translucent magazine body is designed with strategically placed textured and non-textured surfaces.

The New Strike Magazine for GLOCK G17 from Strike Industries

Strike Magazine for GLOCK G17

The Strike Magazine for Glock G17 is Strike’s very own 17 round, polymer magazine made for double-stack 9mm Glock pistols (Gen 3-5 Glock 17, 17L, 19, 26, 34). The body is translucent, allowing shooters to quickly review the number of rounds remaining in their magazine. Instead of clear plastic, Strike opted for a frosted look, which is meant to cut down on shine. They feature paintable triangle markers at the top of the magazine body. These are to quickly determine whether your rounds are facing the correct direction when loading. The cuts for the magazine release are compatible with right, left and ambidextrous mag releases. The base of the magazine has a built-in hook slot made to integrate securely with the SI EMP steel locking plate.

Strike Magazine for GLOCK G17

On the very bottom of the baseplates is a grid-like marking section for keeping track of your magazines. They are removed with a tool-less disassembly design, and disassembly can be completed with your modest but useful fingernail. Strike also increased the magazine spring strength to aid in the magazine’s feed reliability.

  • Length: 125.55mm (4.95″)
  • Width: 28.50mm (1.12″)
  • Height: 41.88mm (1.65″)
  • Weight: 1.4 oz
  • MSRP: $14.95
Strike Magazine for GLOCK G17

Make sure to check compatibility before ordering. Strike Industries is no stranger to the Glock aftermarket game. For more information on this and all of their other Glock-compatible parts, head over to Strike’s website. They also have Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Follow along for info on all of their new products.

Strike Magazine for GLOCK G17

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