NEW Nighthawk Custom Mammoth Handle Waiter’s Knife

The weather is finally warming up. My first thought when I see the snow melting, life returning to the grass, and feel the sun on my back is that camping season is on the horizon. Most people I camp with believe that without something to drink, camping is just sitting in the woods. If wine is your drink, a waiter’s knife is a valuable tool to have at your campsite. Nighthawk Custom, known primarily for their high-end 1911 pistols, has proven that even a waiter’s knife can be practical and stylish. Nighthawk has produced a mammoth handle waiter’s knife, made with genuine mammoth fossils.

Mammoth Handle Waiter's Knife

The all-new waiters knife is available from Nighthawk Custom for the first time. Featuring a 1.5” serrated stainless steel blade, the waiter’s knife comes with a corkscrew and bottle opener, making this a tool a must-have for any social occasion. Mammoth tusk ivory panel inserts are prominently featured on the stainless steel housing. The bottle opener features the Nighthawk Custom name and logo laser etched on top.

Nighthawk Custom’s Genuine Mammoth Handle Waiter’s Knife

Mammoth Handle Waiter's Knife

From a practical standpoint, the Mammoth Handle Waiter’s Knife has three main features. It comes with a serrated knife, a corkscrew, and a bottle opener. The mammoth handles are made from fossilized mammoth tusk ivory. With the ancient and organic nature of the materials used, expect each one to boast a unique pattern. The $149.99 price tag may be a bit steep, but if you have the money, it’s pretty hard to beat a tool with grips from the Pleistocene period.

Obviously, Nighthawk hasn’t made its way through the firearms industry by making waiter’s knives. If you want to take a look at the guns and accessories they offer, head over to the Nighthawk Custom website. Don’t forget to check out their social media, too. They are on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Time to pop some bottles!

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