New Immunity Floating Gun Case form BlackHeart

If you’re going to have a firearm, or anything for that matter, you’re going to need someplace to put it. The bigger the gun, the harder it is to move from one place to another, especially if you’re moving it across some questionable terrain. I’ve seen first hand what can happen when things you value take a dunk in a river or stream; ask my wife about her iPod. Is your rifle or shotgun protected should they meet the same fate? Well, thanks to BlackHeart, it can be. New for 2021 is BlackHeart’s new Immunity Floating Gun Case.

The Immunity Floating Gun Case keeps your gun protected in unfavorable scenarios. The water-resistant PVC material and construction keep your gun dry from the elements and on topwater.

Keep It Dry: The Immunity Floating Gun Case

Accommodating rifles and shotguns up to 54″ in length, the Immunity Floating Gun Case is exactly what the name implies. It is a water-resistant floating case that uses PVC construction to protect your gun from the elements. The outside is covered in Realtree MAX-5 camo, and it features a front accessory pocket and adjustable shoulder strap. The price is $69.99.

If you would like to look at this case or any others from BlackHeart, head over to their website. You can also like and follow BlackHeart on Facebook or Instagram. What kind of case do you carry your long guns in?

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