Nighthawk Custom and Korth Offer Left and Right Handed Revolver Sets

Nighthawk Custom has partnered with Korth to create a limited run of 30 left and right handed revolver sets. If you ever wanted to dual wield, this is probably the most stylish way to do it.

These revolvers are a limited edition of 30 pieces with the numbers C01 to C030 and were manufactured in elaborate manual work.  The set includes a matching serial number right and a truly left-handed revolver. Featuring a fully high polished and DLC Finish, this .357 Magnum 5.25” Korth package is extremely unique.

Left or Right? Why Not Both?!

The serial numbers are sequential from C01 to C030. The sets feature a traditional right-handed wheel gun and a left-handed gun. The wrong-handed pistol is truly for lefties, including a cylinder that swings to the right. The two guns are also distinguished by the RH and LH prefixes in their serial numbers. The pistols are chambered in .357 Magnum and sport a 5.25″ barrel. They’re topped off with a highly polished DLC finish. As you’d expect, capacity is six rounds.

The wood display boxes that they come in are made by hand. They’re carved from a 300-year-old oak beam that was taken from a half-timbered barn in Germany. The cylinder latches are machined and are a great finishing touch to this truly unique product. To learn more, take a digital walk over to the Nighthawk Custom website. What do you think about this limited run?

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