TFB Review: The Apogee Belt From Boxer Tactical

Everyone who carries has a different experience. However, one experience that we all share is the seemingly neverending search for the best belt and hoster. That perfect holster means nothing if you don’t have the perfect belt to hold it up. Belts have a surprising number of boxes they need to check. Before I started carrying, I thought all that mattered was that they held your pants up. Gun belts can be thick, heavy, stiff, tall, and can begin to droop regardless of which of those qualities it maintained. Fortunately, gun belt technology has been advancing at the same rate as holsters. We’ve seen a shift from leather to nylon, and now to some pretty cool polymer materials. Innovation doesn’t stop at materials. As you’re about to see, there is more than one way to close a belt. This is the Apogee Belt from Boxer Tactical.

Click below to read my full review on The Firearm Blog.

TFB Review: The Apogee Belt From Boxer Tactical

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