NEW HEVI-XII Tungsten Waterfowl Loads From HEVI-Shot

Hunting waterfowl can be much more complex than people think. While it might look like hunters are just blasting at the sky, a lot of thought and preparation goes into each hunt. Your clothing, shooting position, and choice of firearm are some good examples of what needs to be considered. Depending on your hunt, however, your ammunition can be the most important decision. Shotguns are some of the most versatile guns out there, being able to fire an almost unimaginable number of ammunition types. HEVI-Shot continues to outfit hunters with the right loads for their shotguns. Now, for those hunting waterfowl, comes a new option. These are the new HEVI-Shot HEVI-XII Tungsten Waterfowl Loads.

Read all about it on AllOutdoor by clicking the link below.

NEW HEVI-XII Tungsten Waterfowl Loads From HEVI-Shot

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