AllOutdoor Review: Athlon Optics Talos BTR 1-4x24mm LPVO

The low power variable optic, or LPVO, can no longer be called a fad. Quick to popularity within the shooting community, the LPVO was also quick to be adopted. Recently, the Sig TANGO6T was adopted as the new standard optic for the U.S. Army. There are a ton of variations of this versatile design, but I want to focus on one in particular. Athlon Optics is a company that I’m sure all of you are well aware of. They’re often praised for the quality they offer at affordable prices. Today, I want to give you my thoughts on the Athlon Talos BTR 1-4x24mm LPVO. Could this be the perfect scope for your next hunt?

Read my full review on AllOutdoor by clicking the link below.

AllOutdoor Review: Athlon Optics Talos BTR 1-4x24mm LPVO

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