OutdoorHUB Review: Magpul Explorer XL Sunglasses

Eyewear can serve so many different purposes in our lives. From helping us see street signs while driving to looking like Tom Cruise, glasses can make it easier to navigate life (and sometimes dating). Sunglasses can be especially helpful. I live in Colorado and we have more sunny days than not. On many of those sunny days, I find myself either on the shooting range or out in nature. This means that I need my sunglasses to be tough. Most people know Magpul for their PMAGs or rifle stocks, but today we’re going to take a look at their eyewear. This is the OutdoorHUB review of the Magpul Explorer XL sunglasses. 

Read my full review on OutdoorHub by clicking the link below.

OutdoorHUB Review: Magpul Explorer XL Sunglasses

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