AllOutdoor Review: The Dagr & Nott Nomad 3.5″ Knife

Any tool is simply that. It’s an instrument designed for a specific purpose. However, some tools cross into multiple roles in our lives. For me, the best tool I can have is a knife. Knives can serve many purposes: cutting food, sharpening sticks, self-defense, processing animals, and more. I’ve carried a folder every day since the day I legally could. Recently, I’ve been getting more into fixed blades. The strength and flexibility in purpose are huge draws for me. I found a local shop called Dagr & Nott. They make some really beautiful knives, and I wanted to see how practical they are. Knowing I had a hunt coming up, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to test the Dagr & Nott Nomad.

Read the full review on AllOutdoor. Click the link below.

AllOutdoor Review: The Dagr & Nott Nomad 3.5″ Knife

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