AllOutdoor Review: The Waterproof Baffin Hudson Boots

For someone who’s on their feet all day, footwear is the most important investment they can make. I spent 12 years of my life sitting at a desk, but now that I’m in Colorado, I spend far more time outside. This has highlighted how lacking my current footwear is, especially my boots. If you take care of them, a good pair of boots can last years. As I saw my personal boots slowly march toward the light, I knew I needed a better pair. I decided to give Baffin a try. The Canadian footwear company specializes in shoes and boots for those who need protection and comfort in the field. This is the AllOutdoor review of the Baffin Hudson boots.

Read my tale of woe and boots on AllOutdoor by clicking below.

AllOutdoor Review: The Waterproof Baffin Hudson Boots

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