Savage Arms Adds 110 PCS (Pistol Chassis System) to Lineup

There’s one benefit to the pistol brace movement that I certainly didn’t see coming. For the tactical world, short and light rifles are the current craze, but what about for hunters? If you’ve ever hiked for more than one day with a rifle, you understand why we, as an industry, constantly strive for lighter options. However, there is only so much you can do to lighten a stock before you compromise strength. One other solution is to chop the barrel, throw a pistol brace on it, and you now have a lightweight, compact, full-power hunting pistol. This is the Savage Arms 110 PCS (Pistol Chassis System).

Click the link to read more on AllOutdoor.

Savage Arms Adds 110 PCS (Pistol Chassis System) to Lineup

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