How to Concealed Carry in Formal Wear

The last couple of years have been tough. As an extroverted, social person, the inability to regularly attend gatherings has hurt my core. Now, however, things are changing. Restaurants are filling, people are resisting, and I’m getting out more. Recently, my partner’s boss invited us to a 1940s-themed formal ball. As a concealed carrier, this presented a new challenge; concealing in a suit. Yes, I own a Walther PP. The temptation to carry it and pretend I’m James Bond is high, but I’m here to show you how to carry some more practical options. This isn’t an article on the best gun to carry concealed, however. I’m also writing this from a male perspective. Female concealed carry options are a whole other ball game.

Read my full article on the Falco Holsters blog by clicking the link below.

How to Concealed Carry in Formal Wear

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