AllOutdoor Review: The GiantMouse Ace Farley Slipjoint Knife

I remember my first pocket knife. I don’t remember how I got it, but I definitely remember the way it looked and felt. There’s something special about tools and we know this from an early age. A knife is one of the most useful tools and the most capable of eliciting pride-of-ownership. I’ve lived fast and loose with my pocket knives for a long time. I intentionally bought cheap knives, fully aware of the abuse I was about to impart on them. As I’ve grown, my taste in knives has followed my taste in whiskey. My palate is more refined and quality is a demand, not a bonus. When we think of quality, we often look to the past, and that’s exactly what I did when I grabbed a GiantMouse ACE Farley Slipjoint in brass; a modern folder with a classic lock.

Read my full review on AllOutdoor by clicking the link below.

AllOutdoor Review: The GiantMouse Ace Farley Slipjoint Knife

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