Lessons from an Eagle: Conservation Out in the Field

I come from a generation where nobody calls each other. Texts are the preferred way to communicate which makes it especially odd (or suspicious) to receive a phone call. Recently, I found myself getting a call from my Aunt Judi. The instant dread of ‘Who died?” set in and I picked up. I instantly recognized distress in Aunt Judi’s voice, then she hit me with the news. Everyone I knew was okay, but a dear friend to all Americans was not. Judi is an animal lover and spends her time volunteering with the Avian Wildlife Center. She was calling, frustrated, to let me know that a young bald eagle was in her care, sick with lead poisoning, and things didn’t look good. This made me ask myself what I could do to help conservation efforts while still in the field.

Read more about what you can do on AllOutdoor. Click below.

Lessons from an Eagle: Conservation Out in the Field

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