OutdoorHub Profile: Keeping it Old-School With Pendleton Original

I don’t think my transition into adulthood was unique. To prove it, anyone reading this who lived their early twenties in a haze of cheap booze and hangovers, raise your hand. While the details of my youth make me worry for my son, they also led me to something that not many others my age have; discerning taste. I’ve come to not only appreciate quality alcohol but to require it. My body knows the difference and will make me very aware of it in the morning. Now that I’m older and wiser, I’ve gravitated toward whisky. One maker that you may be familiar with is Pendleton Whisky. Today, I’ll be giving you my thoughts on Pendleton Original.

Read the full profile on OutdoorHub by clicking below.

OutdoorHub Profile: Keeping it Old-School With Pendleton Original

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