OutdoorHub Review: The Bond Arms Stinger RS Twin Stingers

What features should a defensive firearm have? Do they all need 17 rounds on board? Is a red dot necessary? While these technological advances have changed what some people consider a minimum standard, remember that many bad guys are underground right now thanks to well-placed shots from gut guns. The idea of a derringer is an old one, but what works then still works now. Following this philosophy, Bond Arms has been selling two-shot, short-barreled defensive pistols since 1995, and has been extremely successful. The latest of these pocket-sized pews is the Bond Arms Stinger RS, available in .380 ACP, 9x19mm, and .38 SPL.

Click below to see the full review on OutdoorHub

OutdoorHub Review: The Bond Arms Stinger RS Twin Stingers

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