TFB Review: MODTAC U-RAC (Universal Rail Attach Coupler)

Thankfully, suppressor use and ownership have become more and more common in recent years. As shooters become more aware of the passive dangers involved with shooting, like lead poisoning and hearing loss, steps are being taken to reduce health hazards. Suppressors are probably the most effective tool we have against hearing loss. If you didn’t hear that last sentence, it might be time to pick one up! However, silencers (or suppressors, use whichever you want, nobody cares) have some drawbacks. The primary problem is that they get very hot. This means mirage during precision shooting. It also means some very hot pants during rifle-to-pistol transitions. MODTAC, a company local to me in Colorado, makes rigid suppressor shields to mitigate both of these issues. They have a few models but today we’re looking at the MODTAC U-RAC.

Click below to read my full review on The Firearm Blog.

TFB Review: MODTAC U-RAC (Universal Rail Attach Coupler)

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