Freedom Munitions X-DEF Line Adds 38 Special

Despite what the keyboard warriors tell you, revolvers are not dead. Plenty of people still carry wheel guns for a variety of reasons, and for that, they need defensive ammunition. Just added to their list of options is an expansion of the Freedom Munitions X-Def line. Now available for your defensive needs, the lineup nowContinue reading “Freedom Munitions X-DEF Line Adds 38 Special”

Smith & Wesson Unveils Performance Center 10mm M&P 2.0

For many years, the return of 10mm has been prophesied but never really showed up. Thankfully, the last few of those years have produced several firearms chambered for the powerful “boutique” cartridge. Smith & Wesson has taken it a step further and is offering their M&P 2.0 as a Performance Center 10mm package. To readContinue reading “Smith & Wesson Unveils Performance Center 10mm M&P 2.0”

NEW Cable Management Mini HandStop From Strike Industries

 remember at one of my first gun shows, I was enthralled by the, by today’s standards, extremely long vertical grip with the bipod in it. I think it also had a spot to mount a light. That one piece of gear probably weighed almost a pound. Coming from a time when people put everything theyContinue reading “NEW Cable Management Mini HandStop From Strike Industries”

Strike’s NEW Scorpion Universal Reflex Mount for GLOCK Version 2

Cutting your slide for an optic can be expensive. Well, at least if you want it done right. It also limits you to only using optics that fit the footprint you chose. Plate systems work, but if you’re looking for a Glock, in my experience, the MOS guns are not as easy to find asContinue reading “Strike’s NEW Scorpion Universal Reflex Mount for GLOCK Version 2”

Fold ‘Em Up! Strike Industries Stock-Only Dual Folding Adapter

Having a compact firearm no longer requires giving up your weapon’s capabilities. More and more people are finding that a rifle caliber carbine that folds makes a great defensive weapon when stored in a pack. For those who operate inside a vehicle for work, a folding stock makes life much easier. What if that foldedContinue reading “Fold ‘Em Up! Strike Industries Stock-Only Dual Folding Adapter”

Ohub Review: The Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 3-18×44 FFP

Public interest in defensive firearms has been steadily increasing since it spiked during our three-year vacation from normal life and rational thinking. Training to shoot quickly and accurately is a lot of fun, so it’s no wonder why this growth has continued. As those new shooters enjoy becoming more self-reliant, there has also been anContinue reading “Ohub Review: The Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 3-18×44 FFP”

Take Me Fishing Highlights Benefits of Fishing for Women

I love fishing. In fact, when I was getting my whole arm tattooed, my artist told me to imagine myself in a peaceful environment. That place was standing in the stream in June Lake, catching rainbows. Fishing is full of lessons. It helped me learn to stay calm, be patient, and value the life ofContinue reading “Take Me Fishing Highlights Benefits of Fishing for Women”

Is Using A Carry Gun For Competition A Mistake?

The concealed carry landscape has changed drastically over the last several years. Many micro-sized or compact carry guns were often limited to just seven or eight rounds, meaning they were stuck in their role as a concealment gun. That has changed. Now, gun store counters are lined with compact yet capable guns with impressive capacity,Continue reading “Is Using A Carry Gun For Competition A Mistake?”

TFB Review: MODTAC U-RAC (Universal Rail Attach Coupler)

Thankfully, suppressor use and ownership have become more and more common in recent years. As shooters become more aware of the passive dangers involved with shooting, like lead poisoning and hearing loss, steps are being taken to reduce health hazards. Suppressors are probably the most effective tool we have against hearing loss. If you didn’tContinue reading “TFB Review: MODTAC U-RAC (Universal Rail Attach Coupler)”

Ohub Review: Gatorz Marauders With Photochromic Ballistic Lenses

If you’re a product of the 90s, or raised your children in the 90s, you probably remember Simba looking out over the elephant graveyard in The Lion King. That graveyard is exactly what I’ve created by discarding all of the low-quality eye protection that I’ve used through the years. Whether they’re the $1.83 Grainger specialContinue reading “Ohub Review: Gatorz Marauders With Photochromic Ballistic Lenses”