AllOutdoor Review: The GiantMouse GMF1-FS Fixed Blade

I think my everyday carry folding knife has more craters in it than the moon. For a long time, I bought knives with the assumption that I’d beat them into oblivion. However, as I’ve become older and more refined (that’s a nice way of saying “snobbish”), I’ve found myself wanting quality over quantity. I’ve played withContinue reading “AllOutdoor Review: The GiantMouse GMF1-FS Fixed Blade”

NEW Banish Backcountry Multi-Caliber Suppressor From Silencer Central

The act of killing an animal is a simple one that requires minimal aid. Hunting, however, requires a substantial amount of gear. Depending on your date, location, and prey, you could quickly find yourself carrying 50+ pounds of equipment through trying terrain. Every ounce matters, especially when it comes to your firearm. Hunting with suppressorsContinue reading “NEW Banish Backcountry Multi-Caliber Suppressor From Silencer Central”

Flatter, Darker, Earthier: The Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro Desert FDE

Springfield Armory released the standard Hellcat nine years ago. Can you believe that? Sometime between now and then, someone had the great idea to make a Pro model. The Hellcat Pro retained everything that made the Hellcat so successful, but with some added benefits. A longer grip and a longer barrel brought the Hellcat intoContinue reading “Flatter, Darker, Earthier: The Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro Desert FDE”


A good belt makes all the difference between keeping your firearm concealed or being kicked out of Chilis. It is also of premium importance when you’re at the range. I have a belt that performs well in both functions. Click below to read the rest on American Handgunner. GUNNYSACK: ATTACKPAK VENOM INNER BELT

Conquer Ranges With The Savage Impulse Mountain Hunter

Not all bolt-action rifles are the same. In fact, straight pull rifles have been around since the late 1800s. Looking to the past often solves the problems of our present. One such problem is the balance of speed and accuracy. Bolt-actions aren’t known for being speedy, but Savage has their answer to that. The ImpulseContinue reading “Conquer Ranges With The Savage Impulse Mountain Hunter”

Sauer Introduces NEW SL5 Waterfowl Hunting Shotguns

My favorite time of year is coming, and you can feel it in the air. I know what I’ll be dishing out, and so do the geese I’ll be serving it to. Waterfowl hunting is expanding in popularity, as are the shotgun options. Goose and duck meat are delicious and to help you take someContinue reading “Sauer Introduces NEW SL5 Waterfowl Hunting Shotguns”

GUNS Magazine Reviews The Ruger American Rimfire

Digging through his personal safe, Nic breaks out the Ruger American Rimfire for a review for GUNS Magazine. Biased? Yes. Fun? Also yes. For more information: To subscribe to FMG Publications Newsletters, visit To subscribe to GUNS Magazine and/or American Handgunner Magazine, visit Gear: Ear pro: Eye pro: Targets: http://www.sportridge.comContinue reading “GUNS Magazine Reviews The Ruger American Rimfire”

A Quick Look At The RIA TM22 Rimfire Rifle

The TM22 is the latest from Rock Island Armory. It features an aluminum construction, the choice of an 18″ or 20″ barrel, and one of the best triggers that you’ll find on a sub-$300 gun. Take a look! For more information: To subscribe to FMG Publications Newsletters, visit To subscribe to GUNS MagazineContinue reading “A Quick Look At The RIA TM22 Rimfire Rifle”

AllOutdoor Review: The OtterBox Venture 45 Cooler

Nearly two years into my Colorado residency, I’m still making a real effort to get out and explore the wonderful outdoor activities that the state offers. One thing that I always wished I had done more as a kid is camping. I always had a great time when I went with my friends, but itContinue reading “AllOutdoor Review: The OtterBox Venture 45 Cooler”

Stargazing: Oakley Standard Issue’s NEW Space Guardians Collection

If you’re up in space, the sun is going to be very bright. While I don’t think that sunglasses will cut it in the great, black unknown, that doesn’t mean they can’t help down on Earth. As an official branch of the United States Armed Forces since 2019, Space Force is looking up. While theyContinue reading “Stargazing: Oakley Standard Issue’s NEW Space Guardians Collection”