AllOutdoor Review: GiantMouse ACE Corta Green Canvas Micarta

Close your eyes and imagine. Do it with me. There you are, minding your own business when you realize you need to cut something. What do you do? Do you use your keys? Maybe you look around for scissors. If any of these options entered your mind, you have a thing or two to learnContinue reading “AllOutdoor Review: GiantMouse ACE Corta Green Canvas Micarta”

Lessons from an Eagle: Conservation Out in the Field

I come from a generation where nobody calls each other. Texts are the preferred way to communicate which makes it especially odd (or suspicious) to receive a phone call. Recently, I found myself getting a call from my Aunt Judi. The instant dread of ‘Who died?” set in and I picked up. I instantly recognizedContinue reading “Lessons from an Eagle: Conservation Out in the Field”

OutdoorHub Review: Springfield Armory 9mm Emissary 4.25″

I know a few people who like to carry 1911s. In fact, there have been so many of them throughout the last 111 years that the platform continues to thrive. Some things are changing, however. One major trend is 1911 pistols trading in the hard thump of the .45 ACP for the explosive crack ofContinue reading “OutdoorHub Review: Springfield Armory 9mm Emissary 4.25″”

AllOutdoor Review: The GiantMouse Ace Farley Slipjoint Knife

I remember my first pocket knife. I don’t remember how I got it, but I definitely remember the way it looked and felt. There’s something special about tools and we know this from an early age. A knife is one of the most useful tools and the most capable of eliciting pride-of-ownership. I’ve lived fastContinue reading “AllOutdoor Review: The GiantMouse Ace Farley Slipjoint Knife”

Caliber 5.56 NATO vs. 7.62×39

I consider the subject of this article to be one of the three major arguments in the gun community. There’s Glock vs. 1911, 9×19 vs. .45 ACP, and 5.56 NATO vs. 7.62×39. Caliber wars can be exhausting, and the answer is so subjective, I don’t think there will ever be one that’s definitive. However, unlikeContinue reading “Caliber 5.56 NATO vs. 7.62×39”

TFB Review: Black Arch Holsters Rev-Con Holster

There are some holsters that become part of your wardrobe. Put your leg through here, staple this to your leg, tie that to your belt. While more intricate holster designs can sometimes give you some advantages, who has the time? Sometimes you just need a simple and reliable holster that you can throw on quickly.Continue reading “TFB Review: Black Arch Holsters Rev-Con Holster”

TFB Review: Black Arch Holsters Entrada AIWB Holster

If I’ve learned anything from my time as an armed citizen, it’s that a good holster makes every negative aspect of concealed carry easier to deal with. They reduce unwanted movement, aid in keeping the gun close to your body and make carrying for long periods of time infinitely more comfortable. I recently started carryingContinue reading “TFB Review: Black Arch Holsters Entrada AIWB Holster”

OutdoorHub Review: The Mossberg 940 Pro Waterfowl Shotgun

Many shooters find their way into hunting because they like to pull the trigger…a lot. This is one thing that big game hunting, if you’re any good at it, will not afford you. This is exactly why I started my hunting career with small game and birds. I was recently invited to participate in myContinue reading “OutdoorHub Review: The Mossberg 940 Pro Waterfowl Shotgun”

TFB Review: Strike Industries Strike Slide For SIG P365 Pistols

The SIG Sauer P365 was a game-changer. The success of the pistol forced so many other manufacturers to catch up. There’s no wonder the aftermarket for these wonder-pistols has exploded, especially with the introduction of the P365 FCU. Strike Industries, a company loved by those who appreciate their push for innovation, has entered that aftermarket.Continue reading “TFB Review: Strike Industries Strike Slide For SIG P365 Pistols”

TFB Review: Shield Sights RMSx Competition Red Dot

The folks at Shield Sights often don’t get the recognition they deserve. People forget to give credit where it’s due, me included. Shield Sights spend time and money developing what is now the standard footprint for slimline pistol red dots. The company is best known for these small optics, but those crazy Brits have somethingContinue reading “TFB Review: Shield Sights RMSx Competition Red Dot”