Ruger Announces the Return of the Marlin 1895 Trapper

Lever action rifles are often thought of as old and irrelevant. Unfortunately for those who agree, you’re wrong. Several companies have been piling additional, modern features onto these guns, and I like what I’m seeing. Threaded muzzles and improved sights are just the start. The latest lever gun to get this treatment is the revivalContinue reading “Ruger Announces the Return of the Marlin 1895 Trapper”

The Brand NEW SIG Cross PRS Precision Rifle System

Sig Sauer has just introduced a competition-ready version of their Cross rifle, the Cross PRS. In this case, the initialism stands for Precision Rifle System, which is an accurate description of this rifle. Whether you’re using it for hunting or competition, all of the pieces have been selected to increase your accuracy at long distances.Continue reading “The Brand NEW SIG Cross PRS Precision Rifle System”

NEW 100th Anniversary Coffee Table Book From Federal

Interest in the outdoors doesn’t just mean being outside. There are so many aspects of our world that many people don’t associate with outdoor living. It also means knowledge of animals, plants, and environments different from our own. The outdoors teaches us endless lessons about patience, cooking, vehicle maintenance, perseverance, and more. Federal Ammunition knows a thing orContinue reading “NEW 100th Anniversary Coffee Table Book From Federal”

Springfield Armory Releases NEW 9mm Emissary 4.25″

For those who carry 1911s, the size and weight can become tiresome. Thankfully, we have variants with smaller frames and shorter barrels, but what if you want more capacity, too? One way to increase capacity is to change calibers. There has been a trend toward 9mm 1911 pistols in recent years. The smaller round increasesContinue reading “Springfield Armory Releases NEW 9mm Emissary 4.25″”

Galco Holsters Releases NEW WheelGunner 2.0 Revolver Holster

While a 1.5 stack 9mm micro compact is enough for most uses in well-populated areas, not all of us live in the city. Different considerations when living in rural areas, like wild predators, move a lot of people to carry more powerful handguns. Medium or large-frame revolvers offer some big benefits in this role. TheyContinue reading “Galco Holsters Releases NEW WheelGunner 2.0 Revolver Holster”

Strike Industries Releases NEW Aluminum EMP For G19

More rounds are always appreciated, and Strike Industries has been providing more rounds for your Glock with their polymer Extended Magazine Plate (EMP) for a few years. While the polymer versions continue to keep customers happy, people have been calling for a metal version. Well, now Strike Industries has delivered. Utilizing the same design thatContinue reading “Strike Industries Releases NEW Aluminum EMP For G19”

Galco Holsters Announces NEW Hellcat Pro Holster Fits

Whether you’re carrying in public or at your campsite, you’re going to need a way to carry your gun. The problem is that new guns oftentimes don’t have many holster options. That’s not the case for the Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro. Springfield was smart to work with holster companies before the pistol launched. As weContinue reading “Galco Holsters Announces NEW Hellcat Pro Holster Fits”

Springfield Armory Expands Hellcat Line: The NEW Hellcat Pro

Big is back. Shooters have been shying away from small guns and opting for compact but capable micro-compacts. Springfield Armory’s entrance into the micro-compact market was a huge success with the introduction of the Hellcat. With that success comes more accessories, but more importantly, more guns. Expanding the Hellcat line of carry pistols, this isContinue reading “Springfield Armory Expands Hellcat Line: The NEW Hellcat Pro”

The High Ready Chest Holster: NEW From Galco Holsters

The wilderness is…well, wild! Forests, wetlands, and deserts have different dangers, but each is just as dangerous. Running into a two- or four-legged predator while trekking through nature can quickly turn deadly. This is why many of us choose to carry a sidearm. There’s nothing quicker and more comfortable than carrying on your hip, butContinue reading “The High Ready Chest Holster: NEW From Galco Holsters”

In Time For Spring: APEX Ammunition Shipping Turkey TSS Loads

You might be tired of me saying it, but turkey season is just about here. I can’t help it. There’s not a whole lot of things more exciting than the start of a season. This is when we’re starting to select and prep our gear. We carefully select our boots, clothes, guns, and ammunition. WhileContinue reading “In Time For Spring: APEX Ammunition Shipping Turkey TSS Loads”