Latest Addition to the Boyds Lineup – Sauer 100

The Sauer 100 was introduced by Sauer & Sohn back in 2016. Sauer & Sohn is the oldest firearms manufacturer that’s still active in Germany, which is why it’s so cool to see support for their weapons still on the market. The Sauer 100 has just been added to the long list of rifles withContinue reading “Latest Addition to the Boyds Lineup – Sauer 100”

New Primary Arms GLx 4-16×50 FFP Apollo Rifle Scope

Glass can get expensive. Sometimes, a camera lens can cost more than the camera it’s going on. The same is true for rifle scopes. Luckily, we have companies like Primary Arms (who recently started shipping their prism scopes) to offer less expensive alternatives to get us in the game. If you’re looking for something to helpContinue reading “New Primary Arms GLx 4-16×50 FFP Apollo Rifle Scope”

Light Strike to Your Wallet – The Strike Industries LITESLIDE

Whether you like the look of Strike Industries products or not, they fill a role that any parent, college student, or extreme couponer can appreciate. Aftermarket Glock slides from some other companies can run you more than a brand new Glock. With the announcement of the new Strike Industries LITESLIDE, an optics-ready Gen3 G17 orContinue reading “Light Strike to Your Wallet – The Strike Industries LITESLIDE”

Sleep Paralysis – The SIG Custom Works Nightmare Series

SIG Sauer has been releasing a lot of new stuff. If you saw James Reeves’s recent visit to SIG, Sauer New Hampshire, you’re probably as excited about the new SIG Custom Works as the rest of us pistol guys. The potential to customize a fresh FCU is borderline heart-racing. However, there’s something to be saidContinue reading “Sleep Paralysis – The SIG Custom Works Nightmare Series”

Sweet As a Plum – Davidson’s Exclusive Ruger Wrangler

Originally announced in April 2019, the Ruger Wrangler was offered in three distinct Cerakote colors: black, silver, and a very handsome burnt bronze. Well, the color options keep coming. Davidson’s has teamed up with Ruger once again, and has announced the new Davidson’s Exclusive Ruger Wrangler. Since its introduction the Ruger Wrangler has been aContinue reading “Sweet As a Plum – Davidson’s Exclusive Ruger Wrangler”

Killer Innovations’ Killer New P320C Slide

With the release of the SIG Sauer FCU on the horizon, every aftermarket company imaginable is jumping to fill the needs of P320 shooters across the country. Killer Innovations, a company known for their Glock slides (you can see what Adam had to say about them at TriggrCon 2019 here), is soon to release theirContinue reading “Killer Innovations’ Killer New P320C Slide”

Introducing the Adjustable Cheekpiece Magnus

This is an article for both of our readers who can afford the Gunwerks Magnus Rifle System. Gunwerks is known for their high-end hunting rifles and boast a wide variety of custom options from the factory.  We have some good news for users of their rifles. The custom stock options have just been expanded. GunwerksContinue reading “Introducing the Adjustable Cheekpiece Magnus”