NEW Banish Backcountry Multi-Caliber Suppressor From Silencer Central

The act of killing an animal is a simple one that requires minimal aid. Hunting, however, requires a substantial amount of gear. Depending on your date, location, and prey, you could quickly find yourself carrying 50+ pounds of equipment through trying terrain. Every ounce matters, especially when it comes to your firearm. Hunting with suppressorsContinue reading “NEW Banish Backcountry Multi-Caliber Suppressor From Silencer Central”

Flatter, Darker, Earthier: The Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro Desert FDE

Springfield Armory released the standard Hellcat nine years ago. Can you believe that? Sometime between now and then, someone had the great idea to make a Pro model. The Hellcat Pro retained everything that made the Hellcat so successful, but with some added benefits. A longer grip and a longer barrel brought the Hellcat intoContinue reading “Flatter, Darker, Earthier: The Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro Desert FDE”

Conquer Ranges With The Savage Impulse Mountain Hunter

Not all bolt-action rifles are the same. In fact, straight pull rifles have been around since the late 1800s. Looking to the past often solves the problems of our present. One such problem is the balance of speed and accuracy. Bolt-actions aren’t known for being speedy, but Savage has their answer to that. The ImpulseContinue reading “Conquer Ranges With The Savage Impulse Mountain Hunter”

Sauer Introduces NEW SL5 Waterfowl Hunting Shotguns

My favorite time of year is coming, and you can feel it in the air. I know what I’ll be dishing out, and so do the geese I’ll be serving it to. Waterfowl hunting is expanding in popularity, as are the shotgun options. Goose and duck meat are delicious and to help you take someContinue reading “Sauer Introduces NEW SL5 Waterfowl Hunting Shotguns”

Big Horn Armory Releases Tactical Model 89 Black Thunder

I love all kinds of firearms but I like the practical ones most of all. I’m not at the point in my life where I can afford to collect guns that are just fun. This is exactly why I still don’t own a lever action. While they’re far from obsolete, they typically lack some modernContinue reading “Big Horn Armory Releases Tactical Model 89 Black Thunder”

A 5.7 Surprise: The Ruger LC Carbine

Just announced today, Nic Lenze gives a quick rundown of the brand new Ruger LC Carbine, a 16.25″ barreled 5.7x28mm rifle that uses the same grip and fire control unit as their 5.7 pistol. For more information: To subscribe to FMG Publications Newsletters, visit To subscribe to GUNS Magazine and/or American Handgunner Magazine,Continue reading “A 5.7 Surprise: The Ruger LC Carbine”

TRACT Optics Releases NEW TORIC 30mm Hunt Series

The increased interest in shooting sports continues to grow. As more people discover the fun of shooting, it opens them to other firearms-related activities. Hunting is one of those activities, and this growth has widened the hunting gear market. One piece of necessary gear is your glass. New to the scope game is the TORICContinue reading “TRACT Optics Releases NEW TORIC 30mm Hunt Series”

Springfield Armory Offers Exclusive ODG XD-M Elite 10mm

When I was coming into the shooting community, Flat Dark Earth was everything. While it will always be a favorite of mine, recently, the tides have changed. Obscure camouflage patterns and the time-tested olive drab green have come back in style. The latter has caught the attention of Springfield Armory. Now, in partnership with Sportsman’sContinue reading “Springfield Armory Offers Exclusive ODG XD-M Elite 10mm”

Ruger Announces the Return of the Marlin 1895 Trapper

Lever action rifles are often thought of as old and irrelevant. Unfortunately for those who agree, you’re wrong. Several companies have been piling additional, modern features onto these guns, and I like what I’m seeing. Threaded muzzles and improved sights are just the start. The latest lever gun to get this treatment is the revivalContinue reading “Ruger Announces the Return of the Marlin 1895 Trapper”

The Brand NEW SIG Cross PRS Precision Rifle System

Sig Sauer has just introduced a competition-ready version of their Cross rifle, the Cross PRS. In this case, the initialism stands for Precision Rifle System, which is an accurate description of this rifle. Whether you’re using it for hunting or competition, all of the pieces have been selected to increase your accuracy at long distances.Continue reading “The Brand NEW SIG Cross PRS Precision Rifle System”